Infrared Hospitality Heating

We are a leading supplier of infrared heaters in the UK, on the side of hospitality businesses with discreet, efficient, and highly reliable solutions to warm any environment.

The success of many businesses in the hospitality industry lies in its staff and offer, yet the atmosphere plays a vital role in welcoming customers and making them feel comfortable. Large heaters might not only disrupt the room’s ambience, but they also prevent customers and staff from living an optimal experience, often representing a misuse of precious space.

Our Infrared Heating Solution for your Business

No two restaurants are the same, and no two businesses have the same requirements. Through our extensive experience and knowledge of the sector, we know that the infrared heating solution for a hospitality establishment has to be unique, just like the concept behind it.

That is why we aim at acquiring as much information as possible to design a solution that is not only pleasant for the customers but also functional for the staff. Whether you are looking at installing heaters behind the bar or across an extensive terrace, we will propose a design that works for your specific needs.

Why Picking Infrared Heating For Your Business?

There are many health and budget-related benefits to implement an infrared heating system in your hospitality establishment. Below you can get a small taste of what to expect.

  • Available in many RAL colours to match the atmosphere of your business
  • Energy and cost-efficient
  • Environment-friendly and sustainable
  • Option to dim the heaters by three different percentages
  • Mountable on walls to save precious floor space
  • Safe to use in crowded places
  • Much more!

Get in touch with us  today and let us plan your stylish infrared heating system for your successful business.