Mobile Heating

There are some areas where heat is always required, to provide a constant source of comfort and warmth. But there are also times when heat is only required for a specific and certain period of time. For these situations the best type of heating is Infrared technology as it allows maximum energy efficiency with the hassle-free advantage of mobility. Whereas other types of portable heaters such as fan and gas heaters are expensive to run, Infrared mobile heaters are energy efficient and cost effective.

Choosing an Infrared mobile heater offers the following benefits

Better Results Faster – As Infrared panels heat objects and people directly rather than the air around them, they work quicker and for longer, you just simply plug in and switch them on. By providing this consistent, comfortable heat, they minimise the amount of wasted energy compared to conventional heating equipment which often lose warmth through draughts in windows and doorframes. This means that the panels maximise the quality of output whilst at the same time minimises energy consumption and resulting in smaller bills.

Flexible and Dependable – The design of the heaters allows for a lot of movement and capacity within rooms and areas, they can be positioned directly where the heat is required. Portable to provide heat in commercial and industrial settings make them an ideal choice. Their construct makes them durable to withstand environmental factors and they feature a sturdy stand and epoxy powder coating to ensure powerful resistance to knocks and chips when moved. They require minimal maintenance and will keep working where you need them most.

Safe and Secure – The Infrared portable heaters feature as standard an anti-tilt device to help prevent potential accidents or misuse and the absence of any naked flames or flammable gases ensures maximum safety of the product. They also include lockable front wheels as an added safety feature.

The Infrared mobile heaters are a high-quality solution to your heating needs where flexibility is required. Effective for both commercial and industrial environments they can create warmth to dedicated distances and areas, compatible to the user’s desire.