Outdoor Seating Area Heating

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an individual sat in the sun with an ice-cold drink is most likely having a wonderful afternoon. Despite this, the sun must go down eventually, and it’s at that point that it can get uncomfortably chilly. If you’ve still got half a beverage left, what are you to do? That’s where outdoor heating comes in. These kinds of heating systems allow guests to stay outdoors way past sunset, and even sit outdoors during the colder months. The inclusion of outdoor seating areas, in any context, allow for extra capacity, meaning that outdoor heating is a worthwhile investment.

Many bars and restaurants choose to use space heaters to keep their guests warm. These use mid-infrared heat and can quickly become uncomfortable, burning the skin if they make close contact. Infrared heating panels, however, use far infrared heat, which is much more subtle as it heats people and objects from the core. With infrared heating panels, each outdoor table can be accompanied by a personalised heat source. There is also the option to use underfloor heating under concrete flags, meaning the heat will rise from above and saves space.

Benefits of infrared heating in outdoor seating areas

  • Can be mounted on walls, ceilings and placed under tables, saving space and meaning even seating far away from the building can be heated.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Heaters can be turned off and on as needed, meaning unused seating will not waste energy and money.
  • Infrared heating panels can cut down heating bills by up to 80%.
  • Much softer heat that doesn’t burn and can keep you comfortable for long periods.
  • Compact and attractive for non-disruptive appearance
  • Instant heat, so no waiting around to warm up.