Student Accommodation Heating

It is a well-known fact that student housing is usually colder than an igloo in Antarctica. With old-fashioned gas heating and the desire to keep costs as low as possible, students have become accustomed to sacrificing comfort for their bank accounts.

Thankfully, with infrared heating, now they don’t have to! Our heating panels can cut gas bills by up to 80% and are much more environmentally friendly, meaning students can bask in the warmth and the knowledge that they aren’t causing further damage to the planet. By installing an infrared heater in each room of dorms or housing, students can keep track of their own heating, turning it on only when needed (no more of those pesky radiator knobs), wasting no more energy and heat. In communal areas, the ability to heat instantly means that our heaters can be turned off and on when people are in the room. Furthermore, by heating objects and people rather than the air, the heat produced is long-lasting and comfortable.

This is great for universities and some landlords also! Many university dorms choose to charge a fixed rate including bills. With infrared heating, universities can ensure that these bills are kept much lower. The same can be said for landlords that charge a fixed rate.

Benefits of infrared heating in student accommodation

  • Sleek design is compact and great for space saving – perfect for small university rooms!
  • Heaters can be turned off and on as needed, meaning unused areas of the space are not wasting energy and money.
  • Infrared heating panels can significantly cut down heating bills.
  • Subtle design can be suited to any décor.
  • Instant heat, so no waiting around in the chill!
  • Unlike traditional heating that create stuffy and unpleasant conditions, infrared heaters produce a fresh, comfortable atmosphere.
  • Can be mounted on walls, ceilings or even installed under desks (check out our curved range).
  • Infrared heating is much more energy efficient and eco-friendly than traditional heating methods.
  • Our heaters do not dry out the air, making it easier to finally get over that pesky freshers’ flu!