How one of the coolest food and entertainment hangouts in East London heat their space with our far infrared heaters

Some of the biggest challenges you can have when heating a food or entertainment space is how do you heat a space focused on where the action is taking place? Have the heating on when it’s required and have a heating system that does not increase dust circulation and spread allergens. at the same time keeping the space warm and comfortable. Well look no further! If you’re looking for a modern sleek super efficient heating solution for your entertainment and hospitality space then you don’t have to look far with our far infrared linear bar heaters. They come in a range of wattages, stylish and sleek. They offer fast instant heat when needed. To keep your customers happy warm and spending more!

Here is a fantastic project that we got involved with where we supplied infrared linear bar heaters to a couple of the coolest food and entertainment venues in London.

The Enquiry

“I am looking for a ceramic infrared heater to heat a warehouse space in east London which is being used as a food market hall.” -Hackney Bridge Food Hall

About the Client

“Hackney Bridge is one of East London’s finest street food vendors, bars, cafes, local independent retailers, workspaces studios, and event spaces.”
Their website

Project Site


The Solution

We provided 12x 3kW Linear bar heaters with Wi-Fi
Remote control to provide seamless heating.

The Outcome

“The heaters you’ve provided us have been excellent
and we were hoping to use the same system at another project site of ours. Would you be able to provide me with a quotation for 7 of the same heaters previously provided?”

The Next Site: Peckham Levels

“Peckham Levels exists to shape the future of culture in London, for artists, and for audiences. Occupying a former multi-story carpark on Rye Lane, since 2017 we have built a home for creatives, local entrepreneurs, and the people of Peckham.”
Their website

The Installation

We initially provided 7x 3kW Linear bar heaters with
Wi-Fi Remote control to provide seamless heating throughout the building.

The Feedback

“The infrared heaters are a perfect fit in our huge
concrete building. They warm the space quickly and look stylish whilst doing so. The slimline design isn’t intrusive which allows us to make use of our space, unlike a wall-hung heater. ”

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