Infrared Heating: the solution to damp and mould in your home​

Have you recently invested in a new-build property, older property or listed building? If so, we know that these 3 properties have something in common: they all need heating. This necessity leads owners to a plethora of questions including what the best type of heating is, what the most affordable type of heating is, and with listed buildings, whether it’s even possible to install certain types of heating due to those pesky building restrictions. Perhaps the property you have purchased has been out of use for years, and therefore has a literal growing problem: mould. This combination of factors makes choosing the best heating for your home a huge headache. But we have an innovative solution for you to tackle your heating problems: Infrared heating.

Infrared heating is a relatively new method of heating in the UK. It works by providing heat from panels as electricity is converted into Infrared energy to evenly warm up the room, emitting heat after only 30 seconds. In contrast to conventional heaters, they function efficiently by heating surfaces directly rather than the air. Not only does it save between 30-60% of consumer’s annual energy usage to decrease bills, but it is possible to install in listed properties. Infrared heating has also been shown to have numerous health benefits. When the body absorbs Infrared heat, it increases blood circulation, enhances the immune system, and reduces joint pain and inflammation. There’s also no need to stress about mould you have in your homes, as infrared heating panels can tackle this issue too!

Take our latest case study: an infrared heating installation in a Homes program for a trial to reduce damp and mould. Prior to the installation, ways to remove/prevent damp from the property were identified. The subject of the trial, a vacant 2-bedroom property, had existing storage heaters removed and replaced with infrared heating panels. The results were astounding. After 2 weeks, the damp had been reduced by 15% and by 44% after the full 4 weeks. Not only had the dampness been tackled, but a 60% reduction in heating costs were seen in comparison to traditional heating. The results of the trial say it all: Infrared heating is the way to go. Energy saving with infrared heating panels is incredible in comparison to existing Gas, ECO 7 heaters.

Infrared heating is the ideal solution to your money, health and mould problems, so why wouldn’t you want to invest in them? The benefits don’t stop there either: they are incredibly versatile, easy to install and can be made bespoke with your favourite artwork or photograph! We hope this food for thought has inspired you to take action today.

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