Top 7 home decor trends 2017

Looking for home design inspiration this year? It can be quite daunting to design your home, with such a variety of trends and options. Our interior researchers here at Infrared Heating Supplies, have scoured the latest designers to find out what is ticking the home decor boxes this year, and put together the top 7 home decor trends in 2017.

1) Go Green,

The 2017 Pantone colour of the year . Green is a refreshing decor colour for your home and it is also quite a neutral colour, which is great to customise with other items around your home.

2) Less is more

Minimal appliances are a key trend this year. Home decor is all about space saving and efficient solutions. Appliances that fold are a new trend this year, such as tucked away kitchen appliances. Our Infrared Heating Panels are a great way to save space, and look fantastic as minimal design.

3) Plant decor

Plant decor in the home is a huge 2017 trend. They are a must have decoration for the house combined with a natural and minimal paint design.

4) Luxury Pattern

Bold pattern is a key trend for 2017. Velvets and sheers are seen to be the choice for many interior designers this year. Hand-crafted accessories with a bold finish will complement a natural theme.

5) User experience room design

Creating environments that will be LED driven and that come to life with a human touch and voice are very apparent this year. Technology in the home is becoming a key 2017 trend. Infrared Heating Panels are the latest in heating technology to suit a new room design.

6) 60’s and 70’s trends

At Milans furniture exhibition this year, designers influences are concentrating on an older influence of colours and shapes with retro lighting designs. Retro prints will be a key choice in 2017.

7) Outdoor feeling indoors

The trend to build an outdoor design indoor is on the interior trend list for this year. This creates a natural interior space, staying in line with a minimal and green effect.

As technology innovation grows, Infrared Heating Panels are the perfect space saving solution and a must-have for the home. At IHS, you have the choice of a variety of panel options, from framelessmirrorglass and underfloor.

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