Can Infrared Heating benefit sufferers of Raynaud’s disease?

According to the NHS Raynaud’s Phenomenon is a common condition that affects up to 20% of the adult population, with as many as 10 million people suffering from the condition in the UK alone. What is Raynaud’s and what’s to say Infrared Heating can benefit the condition?

Raynaud’s affects the blood supply to certain areas of the body most commonly the fingers and toes. Triggered by colder temperatures, stress and often anxiety, temporary spasms occur in the blood vessels preventing the natural flow of blood. The areas affected often change colour from white to blue, and then red during the return of the blood flow.

The process can cause pain, numbness and pins and needles when the blood returns to the affected areas. Symptoms can last from a minimum of a few minutes to many hours affecting those with the condition in diverse ways.

Although Raynaud’s is not a serious health issue, the extended period of symptoms can become frustrating for people with the condition. When suffering from cold fingers, hands and toes, normal day to day processes can become quickly challenging.

The Infrared Heating Solution

Infrared Heating offers a solution by generating a steady flow of heat to the individual. Infrared heat is a deeply penetrating healthy heat source and offers a natural therapeutic solution to condition.

The affected areas require a fresh supply of oxygenated blood flow, to warm up the areas and allow continuous comfort. By emitting the Infrared heat energy to the body, the individual can balance the temperature within their blood vessels, reducing the pains associated with the condition, and promoting increased oxygen levels in the affected areas. The infrared heat is captured within the body as with surrounding objects and therefore continues to omit the warm radiation without continuous exposure.

Our Infrared heating supplies can help with these conditions, get in touch today.

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