Don’t burn away your money using your fan heater this winter

We know, we know ! This is a big statement but this is going to ring true because you are probably sitting next to a fan heater and don’t think oil heaters are actually any better (check the wattage between 2-5000 KWs at least) whether it’s in your home or if you are a business owner, it is more than likely you have it blasting away close to you and costing you money.

It is quite common knowledge that fan and oil heaters are one of the most expensive ways to keep warm, but you continue by telling yourself that you will only use it when it’s really cold and that they were cheap to purchase, but you ignore that little voice in the back of your head that is telling you “what about that high heating bill you are going to rack up “. We would describe it as  – heat now cry later .

It’s not all doom and gloom and here’s the good news folks, the latest range of super energy efficient Infrared Heating Panels are easy to install, you can have the Infrared Panel Heater free standing, hanging on a wall or even above the ceiling. You can make them bespoke, or why not get creative and personalise a picture on it.

They can reduce your heating bill by up to 70 %, as the air is not circulated and no dust or germs are being spread. Let us elaborate on this; how many of you suffer from dust pollution which can mean asthma or breathing problems? Infrared panels reduce these problems  Some other added benefits are  no dry throats, no dull headaches or that irritating fan noise . Finally the panels are available with thermostatic controls if required

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