Canopy Heating

Canopies provide an intimate and cosy area, that can be an extremely effective place to host dinners and parties or even family barbeques. However, due to the open sides exposing the area to the external climate, whilst also allowing heat to escape, these areas can be tricky to heat correctly.

Traditional canopy heaters are inefficient and expensive, as well as giving off large amounts of light pollution and unsettling dust which can cause health hazards to guests. These old-fashioned heaters can also ruin the ambience of the event by creating a stuffy environment as it heats up the air as well as the objects in the canopy.

However, infrared heating systems provide the perfect solution to obtaining cost effective and energy efficient canopy heating, by using discreet invisible light waves to produce concentrated beams of light, instantly warming anything in its path.

Benefits of using infrared heating in canopies

  • Infrared heating warms the area instantly, by producing a beam of invisible light that penetrates all surfaces and objects in its path, rather than taking time to heat up all the air in the canopy.
  • Infrared heating technology is unaffected by wind, making it ideal for open sided canopies.
  • Infrared heating is extremely efficient, directly heating people, objects and furniture in the canopy, without heat loss wasted trying to heat up the air.
  • Creates a pleasantly fresh and unstuffy environment unlike traditional heating counterparts.
  • Infrared heaters give off minimal light pollution, as the heaters can be fitted above eyeline, as well as the ultra-low glare features on the heaters.
  • This also leaves more space in the canopy for guests.