Equestrian Heating

Providing your horses with food, water and shelter is not enough during the cold winter months. Heating is a vital component of the welfare of horses when being kept inside. However, this area is extremely hard to heat as they are draughty, open spaces with large stable doors that are consistently opening and closing. Furthermore, these areas require specialised features due to the nature of the space they are heating, for example horse’s eyes are highly sensitive to light making high glare heaters unsafe.

Traditional heating systems used to heat these areas, such as convection and fan heaters, are not successful at providing suitable warmth in these large spaces. This is because it takes a long time to heat up all of the air in the room as well as when the air is eventually heated, this warm air rises, leaving the horses below cold and uncomfortable. This leads to high running costs and ineffective heating as well as significantly reducing the welfare of the horses under your care.

On the other hand, innovative infrared heating systems are revolutionising equestrian heating. These systems use invisible beams of light to directly penetrate the skin of the horses, as well as other surfaces in the area providing instant, gentle and comfortable heat for them.

Benefits of using infrared heating in equestrian areas

  • Low glare infrared heaters are crucial to ensure the safety of the horses due to their highly sensitive eyes.
  • Infrared heaters generate instant heat that can be turned on and off to save energy and reduce costs.
  • Infrared heaters can be mounted on ceilings and walls, so they do not take up valuable floor space and are also out of reach the horses, removing the risk of injury.
  • Due to the nature of infrared heaters, the invisible light waves are not affected by wind, making them highly efficient in these draughty areas.
  • Energy saving controls to reduce costs.
  • Easy and fast to install and maintenance free.