Infrared Heating for Flats

Due to modern housing developments, there is an increase in flats being created to accommodate for spaces where there is a land shortage. In addition, larger older houses such as Victorian properties are being used to divide into smaller flats to increase rental possibilities.

As most flats are usually surrounded by other buildings, they tend to be warmer than houses however they still require some form of internal heating to keep the occupants happy and comfortable. This is where the use of Infrared heaters is the perfect choice for landlords of flats as they offer a cost effective and space saving way to bring heat to their properties.

The panels are much easier to install than traditional heaters and require no maintenance, instead they get to work straight away creating a comfortable and consistent level of heat. They can also be controlled by thermostat, so your tenants can regulate the level of warmth they require.

By using infrared technology, the panels minimise the amount of wasted energy compared to conventional radiators which heat up the air around them which is then often lost. Instead they work by heating people and objects within a room which maximises their functionality and reduces energy consumption. And when energy consumption is lower, it means great savings on heating bills which will be welcome news to landlords who have various properties to run.

Sleek and stylish in design, the panels will fit into a multitude of spaces and rooms without sacrificing on space and with a range of modern finishes to the models, they will compliment and enhance any décor and interior. They are the eco-friendly, safe and reliable way to bring heat to flats, using innovation and practicality to great effect and taking the hassle out of heating.