Refurbished Homes Heating

Refurbishing a new home can present many challenges and decisions to make along the way. But it can also be a chance to work with a clean slate and to embrace new approaches and utilise new technologies which will make your home modern and more efficient.

Infrared heating is at the forefront of using innovative technology to create a contemporary solution to heating your home and it boasts an array of benefits that make it the way forward ahead of its traditional counterparts.

Design wise, the heated panels are a fantastic choice for renovated buildings and homes as they are slim and sleek and will fit into a variety of spaces and rooms. They can be free-standing within a room or used to be mounted onto a wall or ceiling with easy installation and minimal maintenance. They are a great accompaniment to new homes as they offer a stylish alternative to conventional heaters which are bulky and often unsightly, instead the panels are elegant and come with a range of designs to enhance the features of your interior.

The panels are an attractive option but what they present aesthetically, they also match in performance with infrared technology creating a more reliable, sustainable source of heating for homes. Infrared panels work by omitting heat directly where it is needed, to people and objects within the room, unlike traditional heaters which waste energy through the air. This makes the panels highly effective when it comes to energy consumption and the result is a reduction on heating bills and a lower carbon footprint. They provide a healthy, comfortable heat precisely when and where its required, creating a cosy effect and with the quick click on an accompanying thermostat, the level of heat in the house can be altered when the temperature outside drops. They are the modern heating product to perfectly suit a modern, refurbished home.