Take a Second Look at the Safety of Infrared Heating

At Infrared Heating Supplies, we receive a lot of calls from prospective customers asking, ‘Is infrared heat safe?’. The answer to that question is a resounding ‘yes’. Not only is infrared heat considerably safer than many other types of heating options, it offers energy efficiency in your home or business. We’re the largest online retailer of infrared heating supplies, able to assist you in determining the best way to heat any space.

Feel free to use the resources on our website to see how our product would look in your home. Just upload a picture and our designers will create an image for your inspection while you consider your heating options. We have numerous products to choose from in our inventory, including our IC Series infrared heating panels that start at a very affordable price. Our 360 watt panel is ideal for heating small rooms and corridors, and features a slim design that will take up very little space. This is an easy installation for any homeowner, offering the opportunity for huge energy savings. Product benefits include:

  • Industry-leading 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Wide range of sizes and styles to choose from
  • Comfortable, natural heat
  • Energy efficiency
  • Ultra slim design
  • Fully compatible with thermostat
  • Adaptable as a wall or ceiling mount, free standing, or suspended

Let’s look at the question, ‘Is infrared heat safe?’ through the eyes of our customers. Naturally, safety should be of prime concern for any home or business owner looking into the installation of a new heating system. While the term infrared can be confusing to customers, it’s actually nothing more than heat- and it’s a type of heat that is exceptionally safe and cost-efficient. Our framed and frameless panels are the perfect solution to a range of challenges most commonly faced by contractors. Please visit our product section by clicking on the ‘Shop’ link to see more options in residential and commercial heating.

Use our free online Wattage Calculator to select the right heating panel or combination of panels for the room or rooms you’re planning to heat or give one of our product specialists a call at 01204 520544 for assistance in placing an order. When assessing your heating needs online, be sure to select the right property type from the menu for accurate selection. If your property type does not appear in our menu, speak with our staff about heating a low energy home, warehouse, church, school, outdoor location, or other space that may provide a unique challenge to more traditional heating methods.

Return to our website at any time for information and articles regarding our infrared heating supplies and systems. Our blog library can be a helpful place to start your research into answering the question, ‘Is infrared heat safe?’. Contact our staff for customized, personal service for your upcoming project and shop with confidence that all of our products are manufactured to the highest standards and specifications. We think you’ll find that the benefits of heating with infrared heat far outweigh those of more conventional heating systems.

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