No Glare Heating

There are some buildings and surroundings where you want to minimise the amount of light produced, to ensure that no adverse effects are created. Places such as schools, offices, colleges and theatres must maintain a comfortable level of light that is not too bright for their employees and their patrons. Even animal enclosures need to retain an ambient, calm degree of light to avoid detrimental effect to the animals in these quarters.

Light pollution from heaters is also an issue for film and photography studios as it can significantly affect the quality of the images produced. And no glare heating is also essential for sanitary and sterile surroundings such as hospitals and catering environments where they have to constantly be cleaned.

Considering the concerns and requirements of these settings, We are proud to offer a range of heaters to compliment and support these places.

One of our most popular no glare heating ranges is the Linear Heaters. Sleek in design with a black exterior, they are one of the most energy efficient Infrared heaters on the market. The heaters are particularly popular with electrical contractors and architects, which suit their requirements with minimal maintenance and maximum performance.

Each product offers unrivalled energy efficiency and effective performance where there is no glare but all the heat you could require. The design of the heaters also allows flexibility for installation as they can be mounted or free standing. They are a particularly great choice for catering environments where the omission of glass fits the protocol of their conditions.